What Does A Coach Do?

Life and Health Coaches are trained and certified to aid individuals in reaching goals and transforming their lives. Coaches share advise, insight and direction regarding the important issues of their clients dreams and goals. Athletes, CEO’s, movie and TV celebrities regularly seek the direction of an accredited coach. In today’s world successful individuals in all walks of life have realized that finding and utilizing the aid of a professional coach can be the difference between greatness and mediocrity.

In the past, coaches primarily informed clients regarding health or reaching goals. I believe coaching is about so much more than information. It’s about habit change. Knowledge does not always equate to success in any endeavor. Most people already know what to do to reach their goals; the problem is they aren’t doing it.

My premise is that a great coach is a master of habit change. Great habits create great results, and the most effective coaches help people make naturally better choices for themselves.

My goal is to create the best resource in the science of habit change, so my clients can truly live more balanced and joyful lives.

Why Bob and “Better Work Life Strategies”?

“Better Work Life Strategies” is a program that has evolved over my lifetime as I have attempted to find the ever-elusive satisfaction of success and life balance. I have formulated a program from the study of great leaders past and present, personal experience and the observation of hundreds of individuals in all phases of their lives.

Along with my studies of successful accredited coaching organizations, “Better Work Life Strategies” evolved. As important as my studies I have personally battled with physical issues from birth which evolved into emotional issues. These challenges have given me real-life experience to face overwhelming challenges. I have incorporated “Better Work Life Strategies” and my life experiences into my coaching practice. Utilizing “habit transformation” I can truly coach my clients to long term change.

It is my sincere hope that my coaching system will provide the breakthrough you are searching for to unlock your potential and develop true balance in your life through transformation. I will lead you through the “Better Work Life Strategies” program providing you with knowledge and techniques that will aid you in the transformational journey. You will have access to blogs with inspiration and information to stay on track, articles to reinforce your strategies and constant support through your journey.

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“Successful people ask for help” – Camille Preston, Fortune

2 thoughts on “Coaching”

  1. I’ve been working with Bob for the last 6 weeks and it has made a tremendous impact in my work and personal life.

    I am learning how to better approach each day, carving out time to focus on my health and balance my work and personal life. In 6 weeks, I have greater control of my days and have been more productive then ever before. I’m finally in a place where I’m creating the life I love.

    Can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings.

  2. I’ve known Bob for 7 years. He has coached and mentored me thru many challenges I’ve faced. I highly recommend him if you want a sincere and realistic change in your life.

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