Robert A. Fiacco LUTCF, CLF

Author, inspirational speaker, blogger and life coach
Inspirational speaker and internationally read blogger

As a inspirational speaker and coach
with over thirty years of experience building successful
sales teams. I am also an internationally read blogger with one
main goal in life, to  inspire the world.  How can that be done?
One person at a time! The power of one individual that has a vision and a passion can have a profound affect on the world.

Through my writing and speaking I hope to bring inspiration to as many individuals as possible. I was born with certain physical issues that caused me to make decisions as to how my life would progress. I made the correct decisions by:

  1. Deciding to not feel sorry for myself
  2. Developing a plan for my life (regardless of what others thought)
  3. Facing the fears that held me back physically as well as emotionally
  4. AND MOST OF ALL – Realizing that all I really need everyday is to be inspired.

I have come to believe this simple idea “When our dreams are bigger than our fears we can accomplish anything.”

I live with my wife and best friend of forty-one years, Rose. We live in
Fountain Inn, South Carolina with our Cocker Spaniel
Bagger Vance. We have one son Robert who resides in Greenville, South Carolina.

I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of my writing. I am an a man who has worked to find true balance in my life and want to share my findings with you.