The Hijacking Of The Boy Scouts of America

Death of Boy Scouting

The young men of America have had Scouting hijacked from them. After 108 years of tradition the institution of Scouting is being stolen from our American fabric.  This decision is based on the fact that our country is different today, according to some. This is no more than a pathetic attempt from the progressive left to once again undermine American traditions in the disguise of  gender equality.  I’m sorry but I really don’t think  gender identity, gay rights or any other of the politically correct movement  has anything to do with scouting.

“As we enter a new era for our organization, it is important that all youth can see themselves in Scouting in every way possible,” –  Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh

Misguided Decisions

Scouting -young-boys
America has lost a 108 year old tradition that has been part of the fabric of the development of young men.

What the hell does that mean? How does this explain destroying an institution that has helped millions of young boys grow into young men?  As an Eagle Scout myself I can attest to the value scouting gave to me. Unfortunately I eventually left the scouts after joining the Explorers ( An arm of scouting that focuses on specific skills such as mountain climbing). I left the scouts because they allowed the Explorer organization to become coed. Yes, everything that could possibly happen when you put young boys together with young girls took place.

As a young boy scouting gave me a place to escape the challenges that young people face with relationships between boys and girls. Scouting was pure and clean. There was never a feeling that you needed to impress some girl. This is a fundamental fact of life. Put boys and girls together and the focus will become relationship driven regardless of the programs intention.

The individuals responsible for the demise of scouting cannot begin to comprehend the problems they will eventually have to deal with now that Pandora’s Box has been opened.


To understand this misguided decision let us look back to 1963. Madelyn Murray O’Hair, a self proclaimed atheist was attributed with being the single largest catalyst in prayer being removed from

  The power that the VAST MINORITY                     is a danger to American                                                values.

schools. This was a major example of the “VAST MINORITY” forcing their ideology, through the courts, on to the will of the American people.

Hijacking of the Boy Scouts has been developing for twenty years. While giving my time as a Scout Master for my sons short scouting experience it became obvious that mothers were injecting themselves into the scouting program. First as helpers and eventually becoming Scout Masters this caused me much concern. I understood from experience what the long term results would be. I was correct!

Mothers needing  to make sure that their children are treated fairly  is something all to familiar. Everyone gets a trophy, no one gets cut from the little league team. We must protect Jr.’s delicate emotional state.

This sad decision shows just how far our culture has deteriorated. There was a time when men were men and women were women and each was proud of their gender.

The 1963 issue is similar to this one young girl wishing to join the Boy Scouts. The sad fact in America is that one individual with non conformist ideals can dislodge the American moral fabric.

Young Boys – young girls

Here is a closing question from THE PERSPECTIVE about women and men competing in sports:

Bottom lines: “While women competing against men in professional sports would be a positive win against gender discrimination, it would reduce the uncertainty of outcomes and potentially change the games the world has already come to know and love. What do you think? Would you want to see women and men competing against one another?”

This question regarding sports has a great relationship to the scouting issue. Equal pay, sexual harassment these are legitimate issues where discrimination should not be tolerated. Why must gender discrimination be used as the argument for derailing every tradition in America.

It is very disheartening to me and millions of others to see the basic fundamentals and traditions that our great nation was founded be eroded away because what is presumed political correctness. At some point the MAJORITY must scream “we will not tolerate this anymore!”

Until then I am not endorsing the scouts and I think I will go down to  Curves Fitness (an exclusive women’s health club) and force them to let me join.


3 thoughts on “The Hijacking Of The Boy Scouts of America”

  1. Next is coed bathrooms, oh wait we already have that. This is disgraceful and so sad. As you said Bob putting young boys and girls on a camping trip together, what could possibly go wrong?

  2. How about women and men competing together against women and men. My daughter has a Spartan Warrior team composed of men and women and they compete all the time.

    1. Dan
      I just have strong feelings about scouting. They have Girl Scout and they use to have Boy Scouts. I’m a traditionalist and feel the way I feel. Thanks for the comment, it is certainly something for everyone to think about.

      Thanks again for contributing,


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