What should you look for in a Keynote speaker?

  • You need someone with confidence that comes across to your audience
  • A great speaker’s passion is the key to exciting your team
  • A great speaker should be him or herself
  • A great speaker understands voice modulations
  • Great speakers keep it short and sweet
  • Your Keynote Speaker must be able to connect with your audience
  • A great speaker paints a picture through storytelling

What Bob Brings To Your Team

Bob has the unique ability to take the above listed characteristics of a great speaker and show with confidence and conviction that true happiness and fulfillment can only be found through balance in one’s life. He has found that happiness in life will lead to higher production in the work place. Contentment in one’s life carries over into the business world.

Bob’s ability to deliver your message to your team from a fresh new perspective makes him the perfect choice for large or small business meetings.

Bob’s 38 years of business experience coaching, leading and training teams will make him an invaluable addition to your meeting. His special brand of humor, passion and ability to grasp your company’s message and deliver it a manner that will be impactful to your team is a special talent.

Featured Talks

Bob can adapt to your needs and time constraints; here are just a few of the talks he gives:

Does stress really affect my employee’s performance?

  • Understand how stress on employees can cause you long term production issues.
  • Discover what is causing stress in your employees and what you can do to minimize it.
  • Learn six easy stress relievers to teach your team.

Stress can have a profound impact on an individual at home and at work. Understanding the signs and causes can save large amounts of corporate dollars.

Do I really have to hire millennials?

  • Learn why millennials are the future of your company.
  • See how to get millennials engaged and committed to your corporate vision.
  • Find the trick to motivate millennials into action using transformational behavior.

There is much discussion today in America about millennials and their place in the work force. Like it or not they are the future. Learning how they think and how to motivate them will be critical to your long-term success.

Corporate insight from a neutral third party.

  • Why does your corporate message seem to get lost in discussion with your employees?
  • See how an “outsider” can elicit response from your team when you cannot.
  • Find how an “outsider” can help turn a negative employee into a productive positive part of the organization.

An important factor in the success of any organization is the support and commitment of team members. Bob will show you from an “outsider’s view” how to energize your team.

Why in the world would you have said that?

  • Learn techniques to build a harassment-free culture within your company.
  • Find out how to properly deliver corporate harassment policies.
  • See why some employees just don’t get it, and how to bring them into a current culture.

Building a harassment-free corporate culture in today’s world is critical to your company’s long-term success, and will cost you tens of thousands of dollars not to have one.

Is it possible to inspire the most negative employees?

  • Learn why most employees seem to not care.
  • Find out how to reach the emotional core of an employee.
  • Ways to get your employees to respond to you and the mission of your team.

Building team morale depends on every team member; one negative employee can infect the entire mission. Bob discusses ways to motivate and connect with employees for maximum benefit.

Don’t allow cost to stop you from inspiring your team!

Robert A. Fiacco LUTCF, CLF – is a speaker and coach with over thirty years of experience building successful sales teams. Bob is also an internationally read blogger whose sense of humor and motivational/inspirational approach to life are infectious… and affordable!

“He [Bob Fiacco] weaves his lessons on the links with what he’s learned in life with a touch of humor that keep you turning the pages.” – Robert Dean

“This light-hearted book is a testament to perseverance and belief in one’s self.” – Michael Williams, Retired, US Air Force Special Operations Command

“Once you start reading Showing Up to Play, you will not be able to put it down until you have finished reading it.” – Dr. Glenn Boseman, Dean, Irwin Graduate School, The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Contact Bob Fiacco via email at (864) 350-8949.

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  1. Bob, all the above are tools that people forget they have available.
    Put all your sale people in a win win situation by listening to what motivates them.

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