Worry Vs. Fear

Part Two of Chapter Two of “Discover Your Treasure – 20 Keys To Success” 

Understanding Worry vs Stress

Last week we looked at the second chapter of my book “Discover Your Treasure – 20 Keys To Success” . This week I want to share the second half of that chapter having to do with worry.
worry vs fear

There is a deep correlation between worry and fear. I would like to take the time in this chapter to discuss this correlation. Worry can very easily turn into fear and eventually be that “one thing” that destroys your success
in life. Remember from earlier that fear is caused by an internal reaction to perceived or real danger.

So what is worry? Webster’s Dictionary defines worry as “thoughts, images, and emotions of a negative nature in which mental attempts are made to avoid anticipated potential threats.” The problem is that much worry is spent on threats that never happen.

Now, I must admit that I have always been a worrier. In fact, my family has always said I worry about not having anything to worry about! My thinking has always been better to worry and have nothing happen, than not worry and be surprised. Silly, isn’t it?

Worry is a useless emotion and serves no purpose but to cause anxiety that can affect you emotionally, as well as

Dr. Edward Hallowell, psychiatrist and author of Worry, points out two specific types of worry: “toxic worry” is the kind that can cause you to paralyze yourself; “wise worry” is the type that leads to constructive action.

Here are five steps to deal with worry:

1. Have “worry time”
Set a certain amount of time aside each day to worry.
By this, I don’t mean let negative thoughts into your head
randomly. If they come, write them down and say “I’ll
think about this later.” Don’t waste a lot of time and keep
yourself in a constant state of negativity.

2. Determine if you can fix it
Ask yourself if what you’re worrying about can beworry vs fear fixed. If it can, then put a plan in action. If not, then ask yourself, “What does worrying about something that is out of my control do for me?” I tend to worry about not
doing everything in my power to solve a problem. When
you have a plan, you don’t need to worry.

3. Realize stuff will happen
We need to come to the realization that stuff will happen
and we can deal with it if and when it comes. If we worry
about nothing (as I tend to do), we put ourselves into a
state of mind that is not productive. We need to always be
prepared for the unexpected, but not dwell on things that
have not and may never happen. If something does come
up, then formulate a plan at that time and deal with it.

4. Challenge negative thoughts
When negativity enters our thought process, we need
to challenge it. Is it real or are we making it up? It is not
possible to have negative thoughts in your mind at the
same time you have positive thoughts there. Work to keep
the negative thoughts out and focus on the positive that is
and that can be.

worry vs fear

5. Don’t allow people to put snakes in your head                    
It absolutely amazes me how well-intentioned
individuals can put thoughts in our heads that can grow
like weeds and cause us needless worry and anxiety. When
you see these people, run like hell.
We must face our fears to reach our true potential
in life; but we must never forget to pull the small seedlings
of worry up by the roots, before they grow to full size in
our lives.To borrow the title from a Bobby McFerrin song from the eighties, “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”


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