Getting to the Heart of the Issue

Where the coaching process begins

The why behind the why
A great coach can help you get to the heart of the issue


When someone seeks out a Life or Health Coach they normally feel they know what their issue is and what needs to be fixed. The problem is that most times there are much deeper issues that must be uncovered before long lasting results can take place. A  great Life/Health Coach will look for what we call the WHY behind the WHY.


A client comes in and says he or she needs to lose weight but can’t. It would seem that the issue is obvious but I like to dig deeper. I verify that I understand you want to lose weight but you can’t, and ask if that is correct”      When you affirm, I would then ask why it is important that you lose weight. Normally I will get a funny look, a silent

The why behind the why
Most people don’t do deeper to understand the why about losing weight.

pause and a reply of “I want to fit better in my clothes.” I would acknowledge your desire but would ask what would it do for you if your clothes fit better? Typically, I hear, “Um, well, you know I will look better.”

The desire is real to you so I always want you to know that I truly understand. However I would want to know why would it be important that you look good? It is not unusual to hear that you could meet more people, maybe even someone special.

So let us step back and think about this for a moment. Losing weight is a real and true desire, but the bigger picture is why you want to lose weight. Are you really looking for human connection, where losing weight is just the way you feel you can find it?

Why Diets Don’t Work

There are over 200 recorded diets in America today and each contradicts the other. It is no wonder that we are confused. We lose ten pounds and gain back fifteen. At one time I believe I owned almost every diet book known to man and continually gained weight. That was 100 pounds and five years ago.Why is obesity epidemic in America?

Here is a great article by the Department of Heart and Lung regarding obesity.


The why behind the why
                          Knowledge does not always translate to success.
  • Knowledge does not always relate to success.
  • Most people don’t truly understand why they overeat or cannot lose weight.
  • They hire personal trainers that give them workouts that are impossible to follow by mortal man.
  • Long term change requires Habit Transformation, something most people do not understand because it is seldom taught.

Change is truly the most difficult thing we will ever do in our lives. This is why I believe seeking out a Health Coach who is a Master in Habit Transformation is critical.

Weight control, like all facets of our lives, is a journey, please don’t be afraid to seek help along the way.


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