Goal Setting at a Different Level

I have thought for years that I had a total understanding of goal setting and the process to lead to success. I have spoken and written extensively regarding the subject. 


Recently, I was exposed to a different level of goal setting that I feel is revolutionary. I uncovered these new concepts while reading Dr. Wayne Scott Andersons book “Dr. A’s Habits of Health” The path to permanent weight control and optimal health.

The book is a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone serious about living a life of optimal health. The concept is formulated around “Three Types of Choices” 

1.Primary Choices

The Three Choices

2.Secondary Choices

3.Fundemental Choices

Before I get into the three choices let’s explore a basic concept in goal setting. It is very important to understand that you need to separate what we want with what you think is possible. This starts with understanding where you are now.

Now, choices have to do with decision making. It is a power that is in our hands. If you only want one thing choice is easy. However, when there are two things that you want that conflict with each other the choice becomes much more difficult and most people are not equipped to make the right choice.

Let’s look at the Three Choices

Primary Choice: The key to making a primary choice is deciding between a number of things that you want and choosing that which is the most important thing to you. 

Example– I want to save money. I want to go on a vacation. Both of these are wants; the key is to really ask yourself which one do I want more.

Secondary Choices: These are the choices that you must make that will support our Primary Choice. Secondary Choices are basically the action one takes not because you want to but because this is what is needed to support what you really want (Primary Choice).

Example– Doing things you don’t like doing and not doing things we like doing.

Fundamental Choices:  Fundamental Choices have been described “as the choice on which all other choices are based”.

Example– It is one thing to choose that you would like to save money. But when you chose that I will save $10,000 by August 30th. This is a fundamental choice.

Life is About Choices

I have always believed that life was about choices, big ones and little ones Dr. Anderson’s book has given me a tremendously powerful new view on goal setting and choices.

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