Robert A. Fiacco LUTCF, CLF

Author, inspirational speaker, blogger and life coach
Inspirational speaker and internationally read blogger

 Inspirational Speaker and Author with over thirty years of experience developing successful individuals and corporate teams. Also an internationally read blogger with one main goal in life, to  inspire the world.  How can that be done?

One person at a time!

The power of one individual that has a vision and a passion can have a profound affect on the world.

Through my writing and speaking I hope to bring inspiration to as many individuals as possible. I was born with certain physical issues that caused me to make decisions as to how my life would progress. I made the correct decisions by:

  1. Deciding to not feel sorry for myself
  2. Developing a plan for my life (regardless of what others thought)
  3. Facing the fears that held me back physically as well as emotionally
  4. AND MOST OF ALL – Realizing that all I really need every day is to be inspired.

I have come to believe this simple idea “When our dreams are bigger than our fears we can accomplish anything.”

I live with my wife and best friend of forty-one years, Rose. We live in Fountain Inn, South Carolina with our dog, Finley. We have one son Robert who resides in Greenville, South Carolina.