Seven Secrets – Guilt Free Bread

Guilt Free Bread

If you love bread as much as I do, then you now, it can wreak havoc on your waist line. What is a guy to do who would die for a fresh warm crusty piece of that baked heaven. Let’s be honest it is the focal point of every meal. Breakfast toast, lunch sandwiches and garlic bread with your spaghetti. You just can’t get away from it! And who would want to? There must be a way to eat guilt free bread.

guilt free bread
What is spaghetti and meatballs without it.

The problem is not the bread, it’s the unwanted calories that come with it. The fact is bread can provide fiber, protein, vitamins B, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. WOW! All that in that warm, crusty outside, soft inside slice of delight. So, if bread has so much good in it why can’t we eat it without feeling guilty? It’s the type of bread we eat that is the problem.

Here are Seven Ways to Eat Guilt Free Bread

1. GO WHOLE : Once a grain has been refined it loses most of its protein and over another 20 nutrients, So one key is to make sure you eat Whole Gain Bread and the key is in the label. Consequently if ” 100% Whole Wheat or 100% Whole Gain” is not the first ingredient listed, beware.

guilt free bread
     The key to great bread, pure whole               wheat and great water.

2. THE LESS THE BETTER: You can make bread with very few ingredients;  whole grain flour, water and yeast..very little sugar and salt would be OK. In the grocery store it is not unusual to find a loaf with over 20 ingredients in it, none of them good for you.

3. ASK THE QUESTIONS: If most of you are like me you buy your bread from the “BAKERY” section of your local  grocery store. It is impossible to tell what is in a loaf of bread no matter how pretty it looks. Don’t be afraid to ask the baker what’s in it? Is it 100% whole grain? Has sugar or oil been added?  Protect your wait line and your health, ASK and you can find guilt free bread.

4. Enjoy Every Bite: Be mindful of every bite you take, eating a whole loaf is never good for your pants size no matter how good the ingredients. Therefore (and this is my big problem) you need to savor every bite, enjoy the aroma and texture. You don’t need  bread for the perfect diet but you can have the perfect diet with guilt free bread.

5. Digest at the correct rate: Have you ever eaten bread and felt that a nap was in order? The reason is most bread is full of quickly digested carbohydrates which cause your blood glucose to spike and then plummet. Slow your digestive process with healthy fats, like nut butter or avocado. You will feel better and stay fuller longer.

6. Toast it: Toasting bread has been known to reduce glycemic load, slowing the digestive process.

7. Enjoy but don’t pig out: Everything in moderation even guilt free bread.

guilt free bread
                    I think I’m in love.
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