Seven Worst Diets

Diet Dilemma

If a diet exists I have tried it, if a diet book exists I have most likely owned it ( didn’t say I read it). Dieting is something which began back in high school during my wrestling days. On Friday’s for many weeks, I would need to drop eight

Diet books
     There are over 100 recorded diets.    

pounds in 4 days, week after week I would go through this . This lead to me becoming a Professional Dieter according to Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in their book “Intuitive Eating”. A professional Dieter is described as a person perpetually dieting,often trying the latest commercial diet or diet book

Unfortunately for myself and 98% of the rest of American dieters the realization that diets just don’t work is heart breaking. I will explain why later in this blog but first let me share:

    Seven Worst Diets

  1. The Thirty Day Drinking Mans Diet – I lost a month!
  2. My favorite and one that gave my family much to make fun of. The lose weight while you sleep diet. Not sure how this was supposed to work but if you are a sleepwalker you would probably end up at the fridge.
  3. The (Not to be Named Liquid Drink Diet) I almost died on this one. Thank God a Girl Scout saved my life! She came to the door selling cookies, not sure but I think she won the trip to DC that year.
  4. The Jabba The Hutt Diet you eat every meal in front of a picture of Jabba. Sorry no good!
  5. Seven Worst Diets
                           No Skinny Jeans Here.

    The Work Out a Lot and Don’t Eat Any Fats Or Carbs….or was that don’t work out and eat lots of fats and carbs.Oh, I think I was confused on that one.

  6. The Charcoal Cleanse Diet it taste terrible but boy was I a hit at all the barbecue’s.
  7. The Master Cleanse Diet  You drink salt water each morning; a lime or lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water concoction throughout the day; and laxative tea at night. I think I’m sick and need to go to the bathroom.

What To Do

Seven Worst Diets
                                         Behavioral Transformation  is key to long term change.

Diets don’t work for many reasons but the biggest reason is that without changing your internal behaviors long term loss is almost impossible. Behavioral Transformation is the major step in winning the diet war.

Dietary theories are completely confusing, completely contradictory, and there are hundreds of them. Each one has tons of scientific studies that proves why their theory is the best. So what do you do when you want to lose weight. First, every diet is not right for everyone, what works for you may not work for me. The key is determining how your body handles the fuel you put into it. And then commit to working towards long term success

Finding a good health coach can help and has proven to make a difference for many.

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