Diet Destroyer – Why Diets Don’t Work

Why Be A Diet Destroyer

There are as many diets in America as there are excuses for being overweight. To date there are roughly 200 different diets in what has become a 60 Billion dollar per year industry. Here is a link from the Huffingtonpost by health expert Margaret Marshall.

The numbers of articles and books are to endless to list and to be honest there is no point naming them. Why? Because they will not give you long term weight control. Think about it,one diet says fat is bad and carbs are good, another says carbs are bad and fats are good.  And so it goes on and on. If you really want to take control of your life and your weight? Become A Diet Destroyer and get of the endless roller coaster of false promises and partial information.

One is never enough

Chances are if you have been on one diet you have been on many diets. If this statement is true the chances are that no diet has worked long term for you. It is almost as if you get an addiction to diets. You try one after another

Diet Destroyer
Throw away all your diet books and scales.

searching for the magic “system” to make you look like the person of your dreams. The reality is that most of those dreams turn in to nightmares when that new diet fails to produce long term results.

The Big Secret on weight lose

Become a Diet Destroyer, get rid of all those diet books, scales and thoughts of depriving yourself. First of all you deserve to look how you dream and the secret is that there really is no secret just as there is no diet that will give you the looks and emotional happiness you think will come with being smaller.

You see it is not what you eat but WHY  you eat it is that really at the heart of all weight issues. If you follow my blog over the next several weeks I will help you find the secret to long term weight control and life balance.


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