Negative People

Negative People

Negative people are all around us and they represent the greatest risk to your success and happiness. For some

Negative People
Hope this is not you.

reason there just are people that would not say a good thing about anything. Here is a great link regarding how to identify negative people:

Ever hear the term he’s a “good egg”? Thankfully the world is full of good eggs. People that live lives of positive and helpfulness.

But what about the “bad eggs” the “negative people”? Individuals that seem to have one goal, to make your life miserable. These poor souls are lost and confused, in my opinion. They believe that the world is bad, people are bad and opportunity does not exist in the world today. The problem with “negative people” is they just don’t keep to themselves they seem hell bent on stinking up your life.

They all have an opinion and it is always negative. You’re going to fail, that will never work. These are not satisfied with being miserable on their own they want to drag you into their life of despair.

Here are five ways to protect yourself from NEGATIVE PEOPLE;

negative people
You can tell you have spent to much time around negative people,if this is you.
  • Learn to identify these individuals by site or “smell”. You can always see them for what they are. They will befriend you and try to draw you into their world of doom and gloom. If you see one Run Like Hell!
  • Try not to engage in conversations with these people. Don’t be rude just be mindful that you could be very happy in your job and fifteen minutes with one of these people and you’re looking in the want ads. Just Run Like Hell.
  • There are many people out there that have lives full of drama, in fact to be honest their lives are “train wrecks”. We all need to be Good Samaritans but some people you can’t help. Not until they are willing to help themselves. The best thing to do sometimes when you meet these individuals is Run Like Hell.
  • The best thing you and I can do is to be a beckon of light and hope for others. That does not mean that we have to get dragged into their lives but remember one “rotten egg” can spoil the whole dozen.



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