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Robert A Fiacco

Bob Fiacco has been working with and developing individuals and sales teams for over 34 years. His humorous, down to earth analogies about life and what it takes to win are both motivational and effective.

To Celebrate Bob's one year anniversary of the release of his book Showing Up to Play,
you can now download the first two chapters for free.


Showing Up To Play – Business and Life Lessons Learned on the Golf Course
 is a book designed to fit a unique niche where self-help meets the business world. With crossover appeal for both of these audiences, a touch of humor, and golf analogies for golfers and nongolfers alike, it is a book designed for both employees hoping to climb the company ladder and CEOs daring to dream of greater heights.

Millions of golfers struggle to break 100, and it has been said that only 10% do. Simultaneously, in America today, if you earn over $100,000—breaking 100 in the opposite direction—you’re in the 10% minority of the workforce. The struggle is the same. We all want to be in that ever elusive 10%.

How do we get there? In life as in golf, the answers are simple: humility, absolute determination, and a willingness to show up to play.

"Make your play your work and your work your play, with the metaphor of golf. Enjoy reading and sharing, my friend Bob's enlightened book. Learn all the lessons to make your life infinitely better off now."
- Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

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